• French women believe: denying themselves tasty food is constantly harmful and even dangerous to health. They indulge themselves in ice cream, cakes, and chocolate, but do not forget about the feeling of measure.

    The French https://www.dating.com/4-tips-on-dating-french-women/ have long been famous for their economy. Despite the fact that many call such a national line greed, this is not at all true. The fact is that the French, and especially the French, know how to give preference to the right things. You will never see a Parisian woman leaving the boutique with a lot of packages. Shopping rule: it is better to buy one, very expensive thing than a lot of cheap ones.

    To avoid unnecessary spending, forget about credit cards - they create the illusion of unlimited financial reserves, take a fixed amount with you to shopping, this will help you save and give yourself the true pleasure of buying a really valuable thing. Remember, quality still wins quantity.

    Enter self-care into the habit. This does not imply endless trips to the beautician and beauty salons, sometimes in order to stay in shape enough once every few days to make moisturizing masks. Surprisingly, it is moisturization that is the key to the youth of your skin for many years. No special procedures will help you in the way that any nutritional cream suitable for you will do.

    By the way, modern Frenchwomen, despite the fact that we live in an era of emerging technologies, are in no hurry to resort to the help of plastic surgeons. Moreover, today it is completely not fashionable, on the contrary, in the trend those women who remain impeccable without medical intervention. In a busy schedule, leave time for yourself: relaxing baths, massage - all this will not only prolong the desired youth, but also charge with cheer and energy for several days.

    Think about what you'd like. We have no doubt - you have a taste. French women are just picking up their wardrobe, guided primarily by their own desires and features of the figure.